Sunday, May 15, 2005


Mmmmm. Red cow cheese with aged balsamic vinegar. Posted by Hello

Have you ever thought of being a food photographer. This is a great picture! And this looks so yummy.
While I am not a fan of pezzata rossa reggiana (or any other parmesan) as a stand alone cheese, I can attest to the fact the two tastes are wonderful together. There is a very upscale restaurant in Elkhart (Flytrap's Bar and Grill) which caters to RV industry execs. They make a wonderful dinner salad with mesquite grilled chicken, an aged balsamic vinegrette, and top it with p.r.r. I know this because their chef shops at the same specialty grocery that I do, and thats the only parmesan availble there.
Incidentally, this is the ONLY dinner I can afford at Flytraps.
How is is 'red cow's' cheese? Every time I see this picture i just WANT TO EAT IT! You know thsoe pictures where you can perfectly imagine how something will taste?
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