Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Isabella and Bobby Eustace Posted by Hello

okay, Isabella looks NOTHIING like I would have imagined!

ps....whats the story behind the mask?

Isabella wishes to keep her identity a mystery...
And, GWB, what DID you imagine?????
I somehow imagined you to look more southern Italian. darker skinned, er um er...stockier. or um more sturdy, perhaps. I think it came from a comment exchange long ago where you said something about being a child and suddenly realizing you were never going to be a light skinned blonde. I believe I said something about all the time I spent at the beach trying to look eye-talian.

Incidentally, although I'm sure you already know... you defineately fit into the "babe" catagory!
how do I know that, since you're earing a mask, you ask? It's the eyes. It's always about the eyes.
GWB, are you SURE it's not the shirt?
LOL... I plead the fifth!
I like the mask. Very mysterious.
i love you so much, i think i'll show you just how much tonight
i love you so much, i think I'll jump in front of a bus tonight

where is the count?

Janis reed
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