Sunday, May 15, 2005


RED COW CHEESE [not mad cow disease]

Here is a site where you can read about this exceptional cheese from Parma , locally known as Pezzata Rossa Reggiana. I served it the other night after having the individual lasagnas, and it was a delicate, heavenly finish to the meal. It is expensive, running at about $30 a lb., but you don't need a huge amount (I bought 1/4 pound, and that was more than enough, with a chunk left over for another finish to a meal.)

The perfect addition to the cheese is an aged balsamic vinegar. Read about it here: You may have to visit a specialty store to purchase this, since I think the grocery stores carry only the mass produced vinegars. A bottle of aged balsamic is a good investment. Just drizzle a bit of it over the red cow cheese, and eccola! you have a superb dessert. The really old, aged vinegars are so sweet and thick, you can drizzle it over vanilla ice cream or fresh fruit, and experience a wonderous taste delight.

If you wish, you can accompany the red cow cheese and aged balsamic vinegar with red or green grapes or figs in season, and I promise you'll love the change from a heavy caloric dessert. Follow up with an espresso, and you're living la vita locale!

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