Saturday, April 16, 2005


Kiss Me Goodnight

April is National Poetry Month here in the US.

Isabella is blushing as she shamelessly plugs a book in which three of her poems were recently published.

Go here to Amazon to read about "Kiss Me Goodnight":

The book received a great review in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (the two editors who worked so diligently to get it published are from Minneapolis) in February. It would have been smart had I copied and saved the review instead of saving the URL, which no longer exists. I guess it's been archived in the Star-Trib. But it was a really good write-up.

I am truly honored to be among the fine poets and prose writers included in this anthology.

Five of the poets are from New England, and we will be giving a reading from the anthology on Saturday, May 7, 2 pm, at the Barnes and Noble Book store in Hadley, Mass.

And while I speak of poetry, I also want to plug a book for a close friend, Naomi Feigleson-Chase, "Gittel, The Would-Be Messiah."

Go here to Amazon to read about it:

And here: to read about Naomi.

This is National Poetry Month. So please, everyone, go out and buy a book of poetry, then sit in your favorite chair, or under a gentle maple and read it.

"Poetry--the shorthand of beauty." --Mel Brooks, as the 2,000-Year-Old-Man.

meant to comment on this earlier, but got carried away with church supper commentary..... CONGRATULATIONS!

I will be purchasing this book come payday!

Incidentally, my favorite poet: Edgar Guest
goodness, what an honor, congrats to you isabella.

not much of a poetry buff myself, but i did recently comment on the two archies, mcleish and the cockroach, they of free verse literature in the 30's and 40's.

just stopped by to thank you for stopping by my blog!
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