Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Polcari's Coffee in Boston's North End

One of Isabella's favorite places in Boston's North End is Polcari's Coffee shop. Not only does Polcari's carry over 20 different varieties of coffee, but it has a terrific selection of teas, extracts for making homemade liquers and cordials, dried legumes, spices, herbs, nuts, candied fruit, seeds, grains, rice, specialty cheeses and cold cuts (including the heavenly mortadella and prosciutto, and much, much, more.

During the summer season, they even have an old fashioned slush machine outside their store where you can purchase that delighfully refreshing lemony treat to cool you down on a typically humid Boston summer's day.

Established in 1932 by Anthony Polcari, the store was then managed by Anthony's son, Ralph, and his sister, Marie. Marie passed away recently, but Ralph comes in occasionaly to meet his old time friends and customers and greet the newcomers to the neighborhood who have found this treasure trove for cooks.

Robert (Bobby) Eustace and his cousin, Nicky, who now run the store, are friendly, knowledgeable, and always have time to make sure you get exactly what you need for that special recipe you've decided to try.

Isabella considers Bobby and Nicky two gems in this neighborhood of many food treasures. And she agrees with Ralph who will tell you that Polcari's "leaves no grounds for complaint."

Polcari's Coffee
105 Salem Street
Boston, MA 02113

I love little stores like this. there is one here locally that roasts their own coffee in house. You can smell it blocks away!
what a sweet review on Polcari's Coffee
I agree with everything you've said about Polcari's -- even Bobby's comments! Stopping in to Polcari's was always the highlight of a quick trip to Boston. Once we carried 10 pounds of coffee and 2 pounds of asparagus through Filene's basement because the car was parked in Revere!

We miss stopping in -- there's no place like Polcari's in south-central Kentucky!
Thanks for stopping by, Mike.

But Kentucky has the finest country hams--the closes thing I've tasted to prosciutto! And the bourbon is second to none!
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