Wednesday, November 23, 2005



Isabella wishes you and your loved ones a peaceful Thanksgiving.

And she wishes more people in the world had the the privilege to go to sleep Thursday night with a full belly.

Isabella's menu for Thursday:

Hummus (homemade)
Drunken goat cheese
Sicilian olives (homemade)

Oyster stew

Roast duck with savory raspberry sauce
Wild rice
Carmelized pearl onions

Green salad with balsamic vinegar

Homemade pumpkin pie


Piper Sonoma Sparkling Wine, Brut, Methode Champenoise
Morgan, Pinot Noir, 2003, Santa Lucia Highlands

Hope you're having a small army over to help you eat all that!

Happy Thanksgiving!
LOL... what I am feeding my small army will make Isabella shudder and cringe!

Brisket of Beef
Ham w/ cloves basted in Vernor's
Bill Knapp's AuGratin Potatoes
Cheesy Taters
the dreaded Green Bean Casserole
Bill Knapp's Biscuits
Cherry Pie
Tarte Au Sucre Jaune
Pumpkin pie
ha! No, GWB, I'm not shuddering at all. Sounds like a real feast for you and your family.

First time someone asked me to make a green bean casserole for a potluck dinner, I told the woman I didn't know what it was (and I truly didn't, our family never ate it).

She scowled at me and thought I was unAmerican.

I went home and made it from scratch after she told me what it was.

Fresh green beans, I made my own cream of mushroom soup, and fried my own onion rings! It took me 2 hours to make it. I brought it to the potluck, and everyone hated it!

Isabella: that is truly frightening!
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