Friday, March 24, 2006


Photo of Bronze Sculpture

This past January, I was tagged by the beautiful and talented Ivonne of Canada, and was asked to list a number of things about myself. One of the items I mentioned was that I was a stone and bronze sculptor.

The bronze pictured above was first modeled in sculptor's wax then cast in bronze at a foundry in Rhode Island. It was exhibited in several shows around the New England area. The original is in Seattle, Washington. Two copies of the original are in the Boston area in private collections.

Once a mold is made of the original wax piece, copies of it can be cast.

This piece is titled "Nymph," and she is playing a flute. Her feet don't show up very well in this photo, so you will not be able to see that she has hooves instead of human feet. She is, afterall, a woodland sprite and therefore, I wanted her to be a combination of human and the fauna of the woods.

She's one of my favorite pieces.

I have several more photos of my pieces to scan in, and I'll post them from time to time.


This is amazing Isabella! I love it.

You're so full of surprises. I read the meme but I didn't realize to what extent you were an artist. And you're a published poet? Amazing. Just amazing.
How beautiful, Isabella!

I can't wait to see your other photos. You are clearly an incredibly talented artist!

you just continue to amaze!
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